KnowTheChain is a resource for companies and investors to understand and address forced labor risks within their global supply chains. Through benchmarking current corporate practices and providing practical resources that enable companies to operate more transparently and responsibly, KnowTheChain drives corporate action while also informing investor decisions. KnowTheChain is committed to helping companies make an impact in their efforts to address forced labor.


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2020 ICT Benchmark

The 49 largest information communications and technology (ICT) companies have a combined market capitalization of US$5 trillion and combined annual profits of almost US$1 trillion. This brings with it a responsibility to prevent and address forced labor in the in supply chains, particularly when crises such as COVID-19 heighten risks for workers. Yet this third benchmark reveals a sustained failure by ICT companies to tackle forced labor in their supply chains.


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An estimated 24.9 million people are victims of forced labor today. Companies can be a powerful force in changing the conditions under which people labor within their supply chains.

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