2018 Apparel and Footwear Benchmark

Today, we released our final benchmark of 2018, covering the apparel and footwear sector, which remains at high risk of forced labor despite decades of stakeholder and public scrutiny. The benchmark finds that 28 of 43 companies score below 50/100 in addressing the risk of...

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2018 Food and Beverage Benchmark

From tea pickers on isolated tea estates to laborers on remote cocoa farms and rice mills, workers in the agricultural sector are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Driven by a growing demand for fuel, food, and raw materials the sector increasingly pushes agricultural work into more...

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Apparel & Footwear Resource and Action Guide

Following the publication of our 2016 apparel & footwear benchmark, today we are pleased to release its accompanying Resource and Action Guide. The guide looks at all seven themes by which companies were benchmarked and highlights practices and resources that companies can use to improve...

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