Triple Pundit: What the State Department’s Human Trafficking Report Means for Business Supply Chains

KnowTheChain Project Director Kilian Moote writes for Triple Pundit on the implications of the 2015 TIP Report’s attention on supply chains and what it means for the private sector.

August 24, 2015

In conjunction with our ongoing blog series on a growing trend towards supply chain transparency, Project Director of KnowTheChain, Kilian Moote, wrote an article on Triple Pundit about what the State Department’s TIP Report means for the private sector.

This year, the State Department’s [TIP Report] had the opportunity to send a strong message to the private sector about combating human trafficking: Forced labor happens in your supply chains, and the U.S. federal government is paying attention.

However, the political discourse that followed the release of the Report focused mainly on Malaysia’s upgrade from the lowest ranking in the report.

The political discourse that followed [Malaysia’s upgrade] has overshadowed the TIP office’s attempt to call on companies to pay attention to the issue of forced labor in supply chains. The report dedicates more than 20 pages to the issue — covering important themes like exploitative recruitment tactics, supply chain transparency and market dynamics that contribute to human trafficking.

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