Technology to the forefront: Rethink Supply Chains

Technology to the forefront: Rethink Supply Chains

Humanity United announces challenge to develop technologies to fight trafficking in supply chains

November 3, 2015

At this year’s Concordia Summit, Vice President Joe Biden pointed out that to solve the issue of human trafficking we are going to need immense cooperation. To achieve this level of cooperation new partnerships will need to be built, new approaches will need to be discovered, and beyond compliance with existing transparency legislation, we will need to create a culture of transparency that will precede and support the advent of meaningful progress.

KnowTheChain is committed to partnering across sectors and industries to bring together a powerful group of people who are similarly committed to the seizing the opportunity of transparency. Last week, Humanity United announced a challenge that couldn’t be more in line with our hopes for the near future. The challenge, Rethink Supply Chains, encourages individuals, groups and organizations to create a technology solution that focuses on one or more of the following:

  • Workers’ Voices: Tools that help workers to share information and foster community, access resources, and report labor violations to businesses, governments, NGOs, or each other in the most safe and secure ways possible.
  • Recruitment: Tools to improve the transparency and accountability of the labor recruitment process, encourage responsible practices for employers and recruiters, and empower workers to more safely navigate the recruitment process.
  • Traceability: Technologies that enable businesses, workers, governments, and NGOs to track, map, and/or share information on commodities, products, and labor conditions in supply chains at high risk of forced labor.

For Challenge details and to submit a concept, visit:

With two busy months left in 2015, KnowTheChain will be highlighting voices from various backgrounds to discuss the role that technology has played, and the role it could play in moving transparency forward. You can follow our series on LinkedIn, right here on our blog, and on Twitter by following #TechForTransparency.

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