Technology & Transparency

Technology & Transparency

KnowTheChain announces a new blog series addressing the intersection of technology and supply chain transparency.

November 10, 2015

At KnowTheChain we believe that transparency is an essential step towards addressing the significant human rights issues within company supply chains. Before action can be taken, a key prerequisite is knowing what specific issues exist. Fundamentally, companies cannot address issues if they do not have visibility into them. Technology is an important, and potentially essential, tool for creating the transparency companies need to take meaningful action to address forced labor in their supply chains.

The latest Partnership For Freedom Challenge, Rethink Supply Chains, focuses on using technology to disrupt supply chains. One immediate opportunity we see for technology is to make information more accessible. For example, there could be a streamlined approach to managing communications, tracking product production, and holding companies accountable for the impact of their supply chain.

Over the next few weeks our blog will feature the perspectives of contributors who are looking for ways to use technology to increase transparency, engage stakeholders, and eventually hold companies accountable. We intend for their ideas to help spark discussion and ideas that will move us all to Rethink Supply Chains.

Follow the conversation here on our blog, and join in on LinkedIn, and by using #RethinkSupplyChains.

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